Safety is the highest priority for everyone involved in the 23rd World Energy Congress – delegates, speakers, exhibitors and partners.
All necessary precautions are taken together with the relevant authorities to ensure that the Congress runs smoothly and securely.

We are redoubling our efforts and reviewing the security arrangements, in partnership with the Turkish Ministry of Interior and Istanbul Governor Office to ensure necessary measures are in place around the main hall and exhibition area, hotels and Istanbul's tourist attractions at the time of the Congress.

1. How do you ensure the security at the congress?

The Organising Committee is highly experienced in managing high level events and is closely cooperating with Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as the office of the Istanbul Governor to ensure appropriate security measures are in place around the conference hall and exhibition area, hotels and Istanbul’s tourist attractions at the time of the Congress.

It is also important to underline that the World Energy Congress is being organised under the high auspices of the Turkish Presidency; this will mobilise additional security forces both on site as well as in key strategic locations around the event.

2. What security measures will be in place to ensure the safety of the participants?

All necessary security measures will be taken in close coordination and collaboration with Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Governor of Istanbul. Arrangements pertaining to specific security needs of heads of state and government and other high level dignitaries will be duly handled in accordance with established practices for such meetings.

In addition to the significant deploy of resources from the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Governor of Istanbul, we will have highly qualified and experienced special security team on site during the entire duration of the Congress.

The number of measures to minimize risks for all participants is as follows:

  • All delegates will need to provide ID and congress registration evidence
  • All delegates will be asked to arrive one hour earlier in order to go through security filters. Please note there will be several security filters in place.
  • Unregistered cars access will not be allowed into the congress area and car security scanners will be placed well before the access into the congress area
  • Registration will be done with high technology in a tent placed outside the congress area 

Delegates will have the possibility to complete their registration on site 1-2 days before the event in the registration tent.

3. Is the Congress still going ahead given the recent attacks in Istanbul?

The World Energy Congress is going ahead and will take place from 9 to 13 October in Istanbul.

Terrorism is a global threat and unfortunately all major capitals in Europe as well as other cities in the world have experienced similar tragedies.

Istanbul has a strong track record of hosting international congresses and all the events in 2016 were successful organizations that flowed as planned. Since the beginning of the year the city hosted the World Humanitarian Summit, the Islamic Summit Conference, 3rd International Nuclear Plants Summit and 52nd Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey to name just a few. All these events involved the participation of heads of states, ministers, global CEO and VIPs. In total, it is estimated that approximately 100.000 participants visited Istanbul since beginning of 2016 and no security breaches have been reported.

4. Who is the focal point for questions related to security at the Summit?

Any questions regarding security should be directed to, Turkish Organising Committee, from and +90 212 233 32 58

5. Who is taking responsibility for security in Istanbul?

Operating under the Turkish Ministry of Interior and the Security General Directorate of Istanbul, more than 40,000 police officers are responsible for the security of the city and the enforcement of law.

During international events such as the World Energy Congress 2016, additional security measures are taken, not only around the event venue but also at airports, nearby hotels and transit points.

6.  Are the tourist spots safe?

Turkish authorities have quickly mobilised after the recent attacks in Ataturk Airport to increase security everywhere. A massive police force is deployed in key Istanbul locations (both airports, Taksim Square, Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet etc) to prevent possible attacks. At the same time, Turkey has invested significantly in high-end security solutions, which allows a rapid tracking of any suspicious activity and immediate intervention.

In addition to this, all public spaces have security filters at the entrance, bags and body scans and metal detectors.

Nevertheless, all participants needs to be aware that some of the tourist attractions may be in open space which naturally makes them more exposed. As and when necessary we will advise our participants on the precautions they need to take when visiting these places.

7. Are you taking additional security measures at the airports?

In light of the recent attacks in Ataturk Airport, we are working very closely with the airport authorities, the Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Interior to ensure that security will be heightened. The authorities have mobilised in an exemplary manner and reinstated the aviation traffic on the airport shortly after the attacks. The airports of Istanbul, Atatürk and Sabiha Gökcen have double security checks and now the numbers of filters have increased to have a better scanning of cars. Additionally security surveillance cameras are installed both inside and outside the airports. Security General Directorate of Istanbul staff members and also increased private security staff will be on duty at the airport.

8. What will the security be like at hotels, on public transport and at facilities, which visitors may use?

The security for all of these locations will be provided by and is of the utmost significance to the Office of the Istanbul Governor. Moreover, all the official partner hotels of the Congress have been selected based on their capacity to ensure a premium level of security to the delegates – security filters that include body and bag scanning as well as metal detectors, car screening and private security staff on site.



1. How do I obtain a visa to Turkey?

The Government of Turkey will facilitate visa procedures for participants to the Congress. The participants who require visas to enter Turkey can obtain them from the nearest Turkish mission abroad.

2. What documents do I need to obtain a visa to Turkey?

Confirmation letter of registration provided by the Congress should be submitted at the time of application. The applications should be made online prior to submitting the original documents to the Turkish missions. The validity period of the passports or travel documents of foreigners wishing to enter Turkey must be at least six months.

3. I am not able to contact a Turkish mission. Will there be visa upon arrival?

Participants who require visas to enter Turkey, yet not able to contact a Turkish mission abroad due to a force majeure, will be able to obtain their visas at the border gates with the supporting documents mentioned above. This option should be used as an exceptional case to avoid unnecessary queues at the airport.

The participants who prefer to obtain electronic visas should visit the official website