Under the theme Embracing New Frontiers, the programme of the 23rd World Energy Congress leads delegates through the most live and critical issues facing the energy industry. The format of the four-day programme features opening, closing and panel sessions designed to ensure that there is a narrative to the event based on sharing best practice and identifying solutions for the key issues facing the sector.

Day 1, Monday 10th October 2016 – Vision and Scenarios for the Future
Day one opens with visions for the future of the global energy system, exploring the most dynamic areas and game-changers that are shaping the energy of tomorrow.

Day 2, Tuesday 11th October 2016 – Identifying the Business Opportunities: Resources and Technologies
Day two will focus on the business opportunities and resource management, as well as responding to the new challenges of adaptation and innovation to ensure a secure and reliable energy system.

Day 3, Wednesday 12th October 2016 – Policy Solutions to Secure Prosperity: Embracing the Trilemma
Day three leads the discussion to the policy implications, with sessions designed to address the necessary institutional change to balance the World Energy Trilemma.                    

Day 4, Thursday 13th October 2016 – Africa: Securing a Sustainable Energy Future
Africa will provide the key focus for day four, exploring the critical drivers and innovations to secure a sustainable energy future for the region.



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