About Us

The World Energy Council is the principal impartial network of leaders and practitioners promoting an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the greatest benefit of all.

Formed in 1923, the Council is the UN-accredited global energy body, representing the entire energy spectrum, with more than 3000 member organisations located in over 90 countries and drawn from governments, private and state corporations, academia, NGOs and energy-related stakeholders.

The World Energy Council informs global, regional and national energy strategies by hosting high-level events, publishing authoritative studies, and working through its extensive member network to facilitate the world’s energy policy dialogue.

For more information: https://www.worldenergy.org/

The World Energy Council (WEC) has been at the forefront of the energy debate for nearly a century, guiding thinking and driving action around the world to achieve sustainable and affordable energy for all. It is the UN-accredited energy body and principal impartial network, representing more than 3,000 organisations – public and private – in almost 100 countries.

The WEC informs global, national and regional energy strategies by hosting high-level events, publishing authoritative studies and working through its extensive member network to facilitate the dialogue that creates energy policy. Independent and inclusive, the WEC’s work covers all nations and the complete energy spectrum – from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

In a world where many non-governmental organisations have clear partisan agendas, the World Energy Council stands out as a unique umbrella grouping of leaders dedicated to promoting the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all.

The World Energy Council hosts the World Energy Congress, which is the world’s largest and most influential energy event covering all aspects of the energy agenda. Staged every three years, the Congress provides a platform for energy leaders and experts in all aspects of the sector to address the challenges and opportunities facing suppliers and consumers of energy.

Over the 90-year history of the World Energy Council the Congress has been key to the value of the organisation.  The Congress has been staged in 21 cities across the world and the 23rd World Energy Congress will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.

The World Energy Congress is the triennial flagship event of the World Energy Council. It has gained recognition since the first event in 1924 as the premier global forum for leaders and thinkers to debate solutions to energy issues. In addition to the discussions, the event provides an opportunity for executives to display their technologies and explore business opportunities. With the upcoming Congress in Istanbul, to be held under the theme “Embracing new frontiers”, the event will have taken place in 21 major cities around the world since its founding.